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Guaranteed benefits

Benefits under the occupational risk regime include :
- medical care necessitated by the injury resulting from an accident at work, commuting accident or occupational disease ;
- In the case of permanent incapacity for work, total or partial, a disability pension or an incapacity allowance ;
- In the event of death, survivor’s pensions and funeral expenses.

Medical care

Medical care includes :

- Medical and surgical assistance as well as radiographic examinations and laboratory tests ;
- Reimbursement of invoices for pharmaceutical products ;
- The reimbursement of an envelope of 50,000Fbu for transporting the body from the place of the accident to the nearest health facility when the victim dies immediately by the commuting accident ;
- The survivor’s pension in the event of the death of the victim of an accident in addition to an envelope of 350,000Fbu for contribution to funeral expenses ;
- An incapacity pension or incapacity allowance calculated according to the rate of incapacity determined by the Board’s medical adviser.

Note :
- Disability rate <or = 15%: disability allowance
- Disability rate> or = 15% : disability pension

For victims who need dental prostheses, the ONPR offers the ordinary prostheses that is to say 100.000Fbu per dental unit ;

For refunds of the glasses ONPR offers the ordinary frames not exceeding 25.000Fbu

For accident victims requiring the purchase of crutches, you must :

1. first, that the accident be declared to ONPR ;

2. report to the ONPR that the victim needs crutches ;

3. The physician advising the ONPR confirms the need for the purchase of these crutches ;

4. The ONPR buys the crutches and gives them to the victim, who can recover them after the lesions have been consolidated.

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