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The idea of ​​setting up a body responsible for managing the Pensions and Occupational Risks of Civil Servants, Magistrates and Agents of the Judicial Order dates back to the 1960s.

In 1965, when the Law of 09 March 1965 on the General Principles of Civil Service was published, The authorities of the country had already advocated the study of a contributory system based on the affiliation of magistrates and officials to the INSS. During the 1980s, the authorities tried to set up the pension scheme for civil servants and magistrates, but Difficulties due mainly to the size of the contribution that the State To the INSS to cover periods prior to the date of affiliation as well as apprehension Officials and magistrates to lose certain acquired rights.

In 1990, the idea of ​​the creation of this regime was resumed by the administrative reform initiated. In 1993, the crisis in Burundi did not allow immediate follow-up to the study that had been carried out for this purpose. The Government of Burundi, with the support of the World Bank, within the framework of the project PAGE (Project of Support to the Economic Management) , Has taken steps to initiate a feasibility study for the setting up of a body to manage the branches Pensions and occupational risks "in favor of the Magistrates and Officials.

On 7 and 8 April 2009, the Consultant recruited for this purpose returned his report to the Government of Burundi at the Restitution and training on the establishment of the National Office of Pensions and Occupational Risks for Civil Servants, The Magistrates and the Agents of the Judicial Order. The Steering Committee and the participants opted for an immediate start of the organization. This is what gave birth to ONPR by Decree No. 100/52 of 31 March 2010 on the creation, organization and operation of the ONPR.

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